Case Study: Acer Predator

Brand built on CX rises quickly to #1

Challenge: Rational was asked to build the new Predator brand from its inception.

When Acer created their top-of-the-line gaming brand, Predator, they asked Rational to bring the brand to life. As the Acer America agency of record, Rational was awarded the rare opportunity to start from the beginning, connecting a premium brand to a passionate audience.

Our mission? Build a brand based on customer understanding and create experiences that drive sales while also fostering long-term loyalty.

Solution: Starting with deep industry and customer research, Rational discovered a large, growing audience with a high propensity to spend and an open mind to marketing: the gaming enthusiast.

While hardcore gamers are most frequently targeted, the gaming enthusiast is a credible player logging up to 20+ hours weekly while maintaining other hobbies and an affluent lifestyle. With this new audience in sight, Rational developed a full-funnel marketing plan brought to life across multiple channels and key brand touchpoints from awareness to consideration to purchase. This connected customer experience was used to engage with and grow a loyal community while driving product sales throughout the year.

Rational brings the Predator CX to life through:

  • Full-funnel paid media across programmatic, search, social, display, and events
  • Campaign development & management: Summon Your Strength
  • Predator Training Room community build with deep influencer and partnership content integration with users returning up to 5 times per day
  • Social Campaign ’21X Hunt’ driving 223,000 engagements
  • Full influencer program development and ongoing management
  • Comprehensive social channel strategy management with 6.99% engagement rate

Results: Building from a customer-focused lens, Predator grew from an unknown brand with nascent revenue in late 2015 to #1 in the gaming OEM space today.

This connected customer experience ecosystem continues to be evolved and refined for the constantly changing gaming landscape, with new tactics being generated across eSports partnerships, Twitch integrations, and email campaigns.

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Gaming PC brand in the US

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Social community growth YoY

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Content engagement rate

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Summon Your Strength campaign

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Event and media management

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Social campaign ‘21X Hunt’

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Training Room immersive online experience