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Rational was asked to solve the Azure “Twitter problem.”

In 2014, Microsoft Azure had a growing crisis with angry customers using social media platforms to rant about outages. Understanding the impact of this exposed situation, Rational quickly designed and resourced a 24/7 social channel to search, listen, and engage with frustrated customers, providing honest answers and outage transparency.

Rational saw the opportunity to build the first-ever customer signal social team embedded inside the Azure engineering center.

Rational led the solution design with a customer-focused lens, quickly showing that Twitter was not the problem but rather a platform for superior CX.

Rational saw an opportunity to build the first-ever customer signal team embedded in the Azure NOC and piloted an always-on team to prove the value of directly communicating with customers through modern channels. Within a week of program launch, the social team helped Azure gain immediate public credibility. Over time, the team became an early detection resource, helping reduce network outage duration by engaging engineers to mitigate system issues. Through the success of this team, Rational’s footprint continued to grow across the Azure business with our customer-first lens providing Microsoft an opportunity to tie its ecosystem together seamlessly through our solutions.

Rational brings Azure’s CX to life through:

  • Customer acquisition through content marketing campaign development

  • Community and fan development through an always-on social engine

  • Customer acquisition and engagement through end-to-end digital experience design and development

  • Partner readiness and enablement through the GTM campaign support and development of the Partner Demand Center

  • Improved customer support experience through modern customer care of social, forums, and chat

  • Improved customer signal and communications through our crisis and communication program

Rational works across the many organizations that deliver the Azure customer ecosystem, continuing to find synergy and opportunity for improved experience.

With our support, Microsoft now has a more direct connection with its customers through real-time channels and is able to turn a signal into a brand-building opportunity. The program continues to impress, with a 92% customer satisfaction rate and an average three-minute social response time. The team now provides Azure technical support across social media, technical chat in platform, inside sales, and product release emails.


Cloud support Twitter handle


Social community managed and 15% growth rate


Of the top-performing content marketing campaigns in 2018


@AzureSupport Twitter


@AzureSupport Twitter


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