Connection as a catalyst

Even with a clear competitive advantage and growing investment in CX, companies continue to receive poor customer scores year after year.

Many businesses misunderstand their customers’ needs and desires, and their CX attempts are unsuccessful. At Rational, we start by forming deep connective tissue between each brand and its customers to create empathy and ultimately greater understanding. From there, we determine the true opportunity and take action against the right information.

Connection creates empathy, empathy creates listening, and listening creates understanding. From understanding, we can take action.


Using embedded brand channels, qualitative research, interviews, and surveys, we engage customers and forge connections, getting to know their feelings, frustrations, deal breakers, and desires for brand and product interaction.


Drawing on this increased connection, we strategically address needed improvements across the life cycle. Defining the right problem to be solved comes not from the brand point of view, but from truly understanding what the customer wants.


After design and implementation, a sustainable CX program requires constant customer checkpoints and feedback loops to gain experiential and operational data, ensuring that efforts are meeting customer needs and creating a superior experience.

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